Applicants come and go, they either sit in your system or move on to purchasing a house or perhaps start a assured shorthold tenancy. Applicants may view a property and no doubt they’ll have specific requirements.

To hold this information you could use, out of the box, the leads entity within Dynamics. The form could be used to hold

  • The Applicants current address
  • Their requirements (No. of bedrooms, area etc)
  • The various activities involved in working with the applicant including calendar appointments to track viewings, phone calls to track contacts.
  • A link to the property the applicants interested in.

All this detail could be removed if the applicant had second thoughts or went elsewhere or they could sit in CRM, enabling you to monitor

  • The number of applicants you have
  • The type of properties that are in most demand
  • Areas and property types in most demand
  • Applicants that are suitable for properties as they become available

Applicants/Leads that confirm their interest in a property then become opportunities within CRM. Click here to find out more about the next stage of the process.