The Property

I completely agree that customers should be at the heart of everything a Housing Association does. However, from a system design point of view I decided to hang everything from the property. Its where the journey starts and in my experience it feels that we could learn a lot more by understanding our properties, what’s in them and at what point of the planning process they’re at.

For example, there’s often a lot of manual intervention when it comes to letting housing management/sales teams know when a property is available, automation could help speed up the process.

By hanging all the contact from the property we’ll understand how much effort it’s taking to manage it and by adding the assets (eg boiler/shower types) we could identify patterns in issues that could enable us to be more proactive in the way we carry out planned/responsive repairs. With IOT devices in tow we could also look after our properties in a more pro active way by being notified when things like heat/moisture levels are changing. 

So, what does my property entity (part of Dynamics) look like? Here’s a video that gives an overview of the new entity and the core parts that could hook into it.