Our Mission

Deliver solutions that are affordable, innovative and collaborative. Enabling colleagues to deliver a great service and free up funds to build homes.

A bit about us?

Its an exciting time for Housing Associations!! As Microsoft’s low code applications continue to gather pace organisations need a partner who can walk them through all the options available so that the cost is as low as possible but colleagues are still able to provide a great service to some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

In the past Associations had to partner with big legacy housing/Microsoft suppliers who often tie them in to big contracts with deliverables years later (when colleagues and the world has moved on). They then pay subscriptions on solutions that they are tied to and don’t own the intellectual property too.

E&F solutions is blazing a trail for Housing Association who have had enough of this! We

  • Work as a small team to get you off the ground by matching the technology with process and people.
  • When we’ve done this we can implement for you or train internal teams so you can continue your journey (but with us always on hand to help if needed).

This enables Housing Associations to

  1. Save money
  2. Speed up implementation
  3. Quickly identify the right technical solution and improve colleague adoption.

All this using the Microsoft Platform that is evolving all the time with new functionality being added almost daily.

BUT it gets better! Any work we complete is yours….no fuss or surprise subscriptions (other than the Microsoft one) AND you own the IP. So if we dont meet your expectations you’re free to work with another Microsoft Partner (although we’d love our customers to stay) or your internal team can make changes as your business and housing regulations change.

Our Founder

Our founder & Director (Chris Roberts) has worked in Social Housing since 1999. The first 10 years were spent in customer service (Contact centre, Housing Management). In 2010 he got his first opportunity to implement CRM 4 at AmicusHorizon and caught the CRM bug.

E&F Solutions was set up in 2021 to work in a modern way with housing associations who want the flexibility to develop their applications as their organisation evolves and not rely on legacy systems, solutions and services.

Here’s what its like to work with us

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