The Mission

Deliver solutions that are affordable, innovative and collaborative. Enabling colleagues to deliver a great service and free up funds to build homes.

Why am I doing this?

Its simple,

  • Save our sector money on implementation costs
  • Reduce the reliance on legacy systems
  • Help our colleagues provide a great (consistent) customer service by learning from others across the sector.

I’ve worked in Social Housing for 20 years. The first 10 years were spent in customer service. From working in a contact centre to housing/tenancy management. 10 years ago I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to implement CRM 4 at AmicusHorizon and caught the CRM bug.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (as its known now) has come a long way, and housing associations have spent millions implementing it. However, there’s still a large number of housing associations and public bodies unable to make the jump. The two main reasons are cost and lack of resource.

To overcome these issues I set up #D365ForHousing. A place where I, and a small team of other housing associations, can create FREE solutions (packages that you install to get new/improved functionality within your system) to anyone in the housing/public sector.

How does it help you?

By working together we get solutions that are:

  • Cost effective – FREE Solutions offered to anyone in the public sector.
  • Available anywhere Microsoft Dynamics 365 is cloud based. This means that it can be used anywhere and on any device.
  • Future friendly – You can customise Dynamics as policies and procedures change. You also get to take advantage of the millions spent by Microsoft each year developing the product
  • Adopted by users – Because its developed with colleagues across the sector we’re able to provide a more complete solution that users can relate to.

How we’ll do this?

We’ll take time to understand the sectors…

  • Needs – We’ll ask you for a bit of your time to help us do this
  • Core Processes – Repairs, Income, Complaints, ASB etc
  • Customers
  • Colleagues

Then we’ll package them up into FREE solutions that you can download.

What do we need from you?

We’ll ask you to contribute by

  • Taking part in process mapping sessions
  • Testing the solution
  • Spreading the word

Here’s what we’ll achieve

Sound good? Why not register to access our FREE solutions,

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