Deliver solutions that are affordable, innovative and collaborative. Enabling colleagues to deliver a great service and free up funds to build homes.

The housing sector does some amazing things, I’m on a mission to bring it together and package it up in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for FREE!  I’ll collaborate across the sector at all levels to create the best core functionality (eg: ASB, Complaints and Lettings) and share it with every association, local authority and charity.
Why are we doing this?
  • Create huge savings (that can be used to focus on the Housing Crisis)
  • Enable a brilliant, consistent, service to customers in their homes
  • Reduce the risk associated with embarking on a Dynamics 365 journey
  • Empower those colleagues who collaborate 

Here’s what we’ll achieve, how we’ll do it and the benefits

To get the ball rolling I’ve:
  • Developed a Solution Zone – FREE Solutions specially designed for housing associations and charities. They can be downloaded and plugged into Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Once you’ve registered)
  • Created blogs to help with lots of subjects including User Adoption
  • Put together (with the help of some top CRM people) a list of useful Resources

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