E&F Solutions (home of #D365ForHousing) helps small and medium sized Housing Associations implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Power Apps or ‘hit refresh’ on a current system. We do this in an Affordable.Innovative.Collaborative way.

What’s the main challenge you’re facing? Select an option below to find out how we can help you.

We need a quick proof of concept to help back our business case: Struggling to secure funding for your #Dynamics or #Powerapps implementation? Need to show what MS Dynamics can do? then this is for you

Our business case has been approved but we need help to get going: We know that it can be overwhelming. Where do you start, how do you bring your business case to life? Our #D365ForHousing package can help you get going

We’ve started our Dynamics/Power Apps project but struggling to find the time to gather some serious momentum: This is a tough one, the will is there and everyone is up for it but you just struggle to find the time to get things moving while you do the ‘day job’ This project support service can help lighten the load

We just need a bit of training or access to some handy templates: Then this Business Analysis 101: A Simple and Effective Course for Non-BAs course may be of use or perhaps visit our store to access some handy templates