Deliver solutions that are affordable, innovative and collaborative. Enabling colleagues to deliver a great service and free up funds to build homes.

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The housing sector does some amazing things, I’m on a mission to bring it together and package it up in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for FREE!  I’ll collaborate across the sector at all levels to create the best core functionality (eg: ASB, Complaints and Lettings) and share it with every association, local authority and charity.
Why are we doing this?
  • Create huge savings (that can be used to focus on the Housing Crisis)
  • Enable a brilliant, consistent, service to customers in their homes
  • Reduce the risk associated with embarking on a Dynamics 365 journey
  • Empower those colleagues who collaborate 

Here’s what we’ll achieve, how we’ll do it and the benefits

To get the ball rolling I’ve:
  • Developed a Solution Zone – FREE Solutions specially designed for housing associations and charities. They can be downloaded and plugged into Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Once you’ve registered)
  • Created blogs to help with lots of subjects including User Adoption
  • Put together (with the help of some top CRM people) a list of useful Resources

Here’s what others are saying!

Collaboration within the social housing sector is something often spoken of, but rarely achieved. #D365ForHousing is an excellent example of what can be achieved, a collaboration between organisations that is clearly demonstrating how benefits from introducing innovative technology can allow organisations to reap the rewards from sharing cost and resources.

This is an excellent and inspiring initiative with a very promising outlook which I hope will demonstrate what can be achieved through collaboration, ultimately allowing social housing providers to focus on what they should do best – providing great homes, service and social value.”

Colin Sales, CEO at 3C Consultants
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