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Our Services

We offer three main services #D365ForHousing, Digital Transformation, Subscribe & Go


From planning to deploying Microsoft Dynamics 365

Great for when..

Your business case has been signed off and you need to get going

Key Features

  • Planning – Bring your strategy and business case alive
  • Business Analysis – Understand how your business works now and in the future
  • Deployment – From development to testing and going live with the #D365ForHousing modules.
  • Training – Help colleagues make the most of your system
  • Future planning – Create a road map for continuous improvement so that you’ll be able to get the most from your investment

Digital Transformation

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Use Dynamics 365 as a key part of your Digital Transformation

Great for when….

You want to make the shift to online first/provide channel choice

Key Features

  • Planning – Bring your online first strategy to life
  • Business & Customer Analysis – understand how your business works now and in the future from your colleagues and customer perspective
  • Digital Upskilling – for Customers & Colleagues 
  • Deployment – From development to testing and going live
  • Driving The Digital Culture – get more online engagement

Subscribe & Go

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Continuous help as you implement your Dynamics 365 Solution

Great for when….

You need ongoing help during and after the implementation of your Dynamics 365 Solution

Key Features

  • Supply & Deploy #D365ForHousing Modules 
  • 48hrs of module support 
  • Influence future solutions 
  • Access to D365 Developers 
  • Early access to preview solutions 
  • Access to training materials 
  • 10hrs online training  
  • Free Quarterly User Meetings

Not sure where to start, or you’d like to mix and match the features above? Why not..

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