Give your Dynamics users an APPetite for adoption

Over the years many users have asked me for crm forms that just show the fields they need. This is a reasonable request and something that can be done. However, it can involve some work behind the scenes and can be difficult to administer.

To help resolve this issue Dynamics 365, has apps.

What are apps?

They enable you to provide users with the fields and functionality for their role. It means they wont have to scroll through long forms to get to the fields they need.

Why have them?

An app provides access to the data users need when they need it. They can be used on mobiles and can be developed to suit different roles within the business. For example a user based in a warehouse or out in the field probably won’t need as much detail as someone based in the office.

How do they support user adoption?

Mobiles and apps are a part of our lives now. They provide the functionality we need without using cumbersome screens and help us get the information we need quickly. All this means that users will feel more comfortable with the apps rather than spending hours in a training room/

So how could I use them?

One of my favorites is the Outlook app. This video is a great overview

Want to know more?

Here’s a link to a good Surviving CRM blog by Jukka Niiranen

Just been given Dynamics to deliver? Then this is the short read for you.

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