#D365ForHousing – How to get up and running with the FREE solutions

I’ve put together this short blog to show you how to make the most of the solutions I’ve created. First you’ll need to set up a 30 day trail of Dynamics 365 before downloading the FREE #D365ForHosuing solutions (once you’ve registered on the website).

As always it would be great to hear if there’s a quicker/easier way to go through this process.

Step 1 – Setting up a trial

  1. Follow this link – https://trials.dynamics.com/
  2. Scroll to the bottom and click sign up after the ‘Are you signing up on behalf of a customer or using this trial for development purposes?‘ statement

3. Select No, continue signing up on the following screen

4. Complete the form below….

5. Then hit ‘Lets go’

6. Select customer service (The environment I’m building the #D365ForHousingSolutions in) then complete set up

Once the set up has been completed you’ll see the screen below.

7. Select Customer Service Hub

That’s the first part of the process. Give the Customer service hub a bit of time to set up before watching the video on how to download the #D365ForHousing solutions

Step 2 – Downloading the solutions

Once you’ve registered, you’ll be able to install all the #D365ForHousing Solutions for free. Here’s a short video on how to do that.

Step 3 – Call to action!!

  1. Register to get all the FREE solutions for housing.
  2. Spread the #D365ForHousing Word
  3. Get involved in the project – you don’t have to be a techie, just come with loads of ideas

Need help? Here’s how I can support your Dynamics 365 journey:

  • Provide you with FREE Dynamics 365 modules that users love (Once you’ve registered) –#D365forhousing has already delivered several great modules (see above) including complaints, lettings and ASB
  • Support your implementation of Dynamics 365 – Deliver an application that’s adopted, delivers a return on your investment and doesn’t break the bank. My focus is Outcome, not Income.
  • Provide ongoing support – I’ve teamed up with a Microsoft partner to deliver a great service as your system grows.

If this sounds good, or you’re not sure where to start please get in touch.

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