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What is Dynamics 365 For Marketing?

This is a comprehensive marketing option. It allows you to create customer journeys using various channels, manage events and gain valuable insights. Here’s a brief overview of what it is, how you use it and where to get more information.

What is it?

Dynamics 365 Marketing empowers marketers with a wide array of tools that help them take control of and manage the organisations entire customer marketing strategy. Lead generation and scoring tools help you effectively identify and target potential customers and help you turn them into relationships. Easy to use drag and drop tools help you quickly create dynamic marketing content and create automated customer journeys.

How can I use it?

Dynamics 365 Marketing allows you to run multi-channel marketing campaigns to attract the right prospects. These campaigns can include email, web, events, text messaging, and custom channels. As you can imagine, there are many Housing use cases here, including

  • Using D365 data to tailor your message to different personas
  • Use the channel/s that most suit certain customer needs
  • Gain feedback on a particular service
  • Building, executing and monitoring property sales campaigns

Specific customer journeys can be built within the application so customers can be taken along the correct path. This can lead to surfacing the correct web pages, sending follow up emails or triggering tasks for a colleague to complete within Dynamics 365.

Another interesting feature is Dynamics 365 voice of the customer which comes as part of the bundle. It allows you to create online surveys and analyse the results….basically Microsoft Forms for business. But these forms can be embedded into your website or sent to customers via email.

The application also includes event management (both online and in person). To get started planning an event with Dynamics 365 Marketing you create an event record. The event record has all your planning details, includes links to related records, and gives you a timeline that helps guide you through each step of the event planning process. Once you have an event record, you can set up your event team, manage speakers and sessions, set up event passes, define venue details and more. You have control of every aspect of the event, from the initial planning and budgeting, through to promotion and publication, attendee registration and final analytics.

How does D365 for Marketing work?

  • To get started you create a segment that can pull key detail from contacts/accounts
  • You can use templates that include customers who attended another event or have their birthday in the next few days. The process works in a similar way to an advanced find where you add certain rules eg: Customers who live in the UK or County of Hampshire etc
  • Create your content eg: email (using the drag and drop facility) and give it an a-b test, if required.
  • You can also create a customer journey that takes a customer down a specific route depending on their interaction. The whole process feels similar to building a business process flow in Dynamics 365.
  • The engagement a customer has is logged against their opportunity record (below) so you’re able to see the latest interaction. You’re also able to see insights on the email eg: number of opens etc and the number of people who went through each part of your customer journey above.

Insight is logged at pretty much every part of the process so you can track what emails have been opened, where they opened it and how they then progressed through the journey. Lots of powerful info to help you improve how you engage with customers.

But its not just email, Marketing works with social media (twitter, facebooked, linkedin etc). After authorising your company site you can schedule posts and view previous ones directly onto the social media platform you’re using. You can also view any comments that have been made.

How do you set it up

Link to Microsoft doc – Set up Dynamics 365 Marketing (Dynamics 365 Marketing) | Microsoft Learn

How much does it cost?

The quota area will let you know how much you can send out and to whom each month. Although you can buy more if you need to. Here’s a link to find out more about pricing. Pricing | Microsoft Dynamics 365

Useful Resources

Explore Dynamics 365 Marketing – Training | Microsoft Learn

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