Driving Business Success: A Customer Case Study on Delivering a Microsoft Dynamics Solution at EEM

Efficiency East Midlands (EEM) is a non-profit organisation that offers cost-effective and efficient solutions to the public sector. However, as the business continued to grow, the team realised the need to move away from manual processes and spreadsheets to a more centralised and automated system. E&F Solutions worked with EEM to implement the Dynamics 365 Sales App, which provided a tailored solution to their unique needs.

Through collaboration with the EEM team, we were able to create a consistent process, improve storage and maintenance of contacts, and easily report on open opportunities. Our focus on utilising Microsoft’s out-of-the-box functionality kept costs low and ensured a smooth system that could easily be developed as EEM continued to grow.  

Who are EEM? 

Efficiency East Midlands (EEM) is a non-profit organization that offers cost-effective and efficient solutions to the public sector. Their fully compliant procurement arrangements cover various work streams, including repairs, maintenance, refurbishment, and new build projects. Membership to EEM is free, providing the public sector with unlimited access to these procurement arrangements. 

What challenges were they facing? 

As business continued to boom the team at EEM needed to move away from spreadsheets and have a central place to:  

  • Manage leads from initial contact to contract 
  • Understand what stage of the process the customer was at 
  • Hold details of the framework they were interested in 
  • Log the contact they were having with potential and existing customers 
  • Hold details of existing customers/contractors, the frameworks linked to them and key contacts  

How did E&F Solutions help? 

Our collaboration with the EEM team involved the implementation of Dynamics 365 Sales App. We: 

  1. Took time to understand the business and the process the team followed 
  1. Created a business process flow within Dynamics to help colleagues work through that journey and added a little automation at key points so milestones were met 
  1. Provided training and short online guides 

To keep costs down, we utilised Microsoft’s out-of-the-box functionality, which guaranteed that future updates wouldn’t disrupt the system. 

To help reduce costs further we worked with Rowena (EEM’s Data Analyst) and Louisa (Head of Operations) who clarified any queries we had and managed the data. They also supported the colleague training by explaining the business reasoning for the dynamics 365 functionality that been added.   

Any bumps in the road? 

Data…As is often the case legacy data can throw up challenges. We worked closely with the brilliant Rowena who gathered the data, cleaned it and then worked with us to import it. 

The results 

  1. A consistent process followed by the whole team 
  1. The ability to easily report on open opportunities and the stage they’re at 
  1. A single place to view current customers, the frameworks they are associated with and any contact made with them 
  1. More efficient storage and maintenance of contacts across the EEM team 

“When we looked at other CRM applications, they seemed too sales-focused and difficult to customise without costly development. However, working with Chris has been a game-changer. He provided us with a tailored CRM that perfectly suits our unique needs. Throughout the entire process, Chris has been a reliable source of friendly advice, guidance, and support, helping us to optimise the use of out-of-the-box functionality that fits our requirements. We’re thrilled with the results and excited to develop further as we continue to grow. It’s been an absolute joy working with Chris. Thank you!” 

Rowena Jones, Data Analyst
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