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What is it like working with E&F Solutions?

Three words describe working with us. Affordable.Innovative.Collaborative.


  1. We work in small agile teams that will land for the short, medium or long term. This means you wont have to sign huge contracts or be stuck with us (although we would like you too) for what feels like years.
  2. You will own the work we complete for you – No ongoing subscriptions. You can continue working with us, complete the work in house or use another partner, its the flexibility you need in the modern Microsoft ecosystem. Lets avoid being stuck with legacy systems & suppliers
  3. Lots of options – you can use our free modules or we can work with you on an application that suits you. Here’s what it would cost


Because we use the latest Microsoft technology (PowerPlatform, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft (Office) 365) you’ll have applications that

  • Integrate with other systems
  • Are available anywhere and on any device
  • Automatically updated by Microsoft

We understand housing and marry new technology with this ever evolving sector. Here’s a blog on how our complaints module supports the Housing ombudsman’s code


  1. We bring experience to the table, saving you time and money on discovery sessions – We bring over 20 years of housing experience, with our founders first Dynamics 365 implementation back in 2011. We’ll use this experience to work with you and the teams across your business to provide a great application that users love without days and days and days of discovery.
  2. But we don’t stop there, we link housing associations together – we all struggle with the same issues so we bring our customers together (with others in the sector) to discuss these issues. This could be via webinars or just quick conversations.
  3. Oh and when we learn something (yes, believe it or not, we wont know everything) we write blogs so that others can learn with us and avoid the same mistakes.
  4. We play nice with other suppliers – If you dont have enough internal resources or your requirements are getting lost in translation then we’re happy to work with others to help get you across the line or refresh a current application.

What do our customers think?

Here’s what a few have said. If you have a little extra time here’s a couple of case studies you may find interesting:

Driving Business Success: A Customer Case Study on Delivering a Microsoft Dynamics Solution at EEM

Transforming Customer Support: Empowering mhs Homes with Dynamics 365 

Do we sound like a company you could work with?

If any of this sounds of interest then its worth a visit to our services page to get a bit more detail.

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