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The Data Maturity Roadmap – #D365ForHousing

As digital strategies are implemented, improved and developed it’s never been more important to think about how you manage data. It’s the foundation of everything we do in the housing sector, fundamental to the Social Housing White Paper and is critical to the success of so many important strategic initiatives from implementing/maintaining Dynamics 365 to providing proactive services, IoT and AI.

Most housing associations hold huge amounts of data that could help transform the way we work, the services we provide and most importantly…how we look after customers in their homes. According to an HQN panel its even the foundation of reaching zero carbon.

Ok, so data is important but where do you start, what are the top tips to help discover, clean, improve and maintain data?

I asked Colin Sales of 3C and Mark Hobart, Director at InfoBoss (creator of an innovative search-based data solution) for the actions we can take now in these four areas. Click the heading below to find out more

1. Discover
  1. Discover the status of your existing data landscape – Where are you now?
  2. Understand what you need to do to ensure your data supports important strategic initiatives – Where do you want to get to?
  3. Ensure all staff value data and see data quality as their responsibility.
  4. What is the roadmap to achieving the desired levels of data quality?
2. Clean
  1. Empower colleagues to engage with data where they can help to clean it!
  2. Monitor new data entering the data estate against your data quality and compliance rules and ensure colleagues identified in (1) are alerted and able to clean it as issues arise – i.e. “switch off the dirty data tap”
  3. Determine the priority/cost to the business of your historical dirty data and cleanse it if appropriate to do so.
3. Improve
  1. Challenge colleagues to find insights in data – i.e. implement a self-serve BI culture and observe the drop off in demand on the BI team
  2. Make data cleansing a BAU activity – i.e. change the data culture
  3. Deliver on your organisation’s strategic goals through better use of data
  4. Consider the valuable insight and benefits that can be derived from unstructured data through “text analytics”, automated document classification and search
  5. Implement methods for increasing confidence in the accuracy of your data – e.g. just because you have a mobile number for a tenant, doesn’t mean that the tenant still has or is using it
4. Maintain
  1. Ensure staff understand the benefits accurate information will have on their roles and the lives of your customers
  2. Monitor improvements to the quality of data and communicate these to staff, highlighting the benefits
  3. Look for new ways of attaining value from your data eg: Digital transformation – cost control, customer service and Process automation – the automation of mundane tasks
  4. Review your data rules, retire redundant rules and introduce new ones to move to a new level of data maturity

In this information age serious thought needs to go into looking after your data. As Peter Sondergaard, Senior Vice President at Gartner Research said…

“Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine.”

Or as the Regulator of Social Housing puts it

“The failure to manage data integrity risk is indicative of a poor control framework”

What are the risks of doing nothing?

Need some help?

Getting started can be overwhelming, to help you on your mission InfoBoss have partnered with 3C to provide you with the tools to help discover, clean, improve and maintain the ‘oil well’ of data you’re sitting on. 3C’s data services:

  • Can be used at any point during your data journey;
  • Are easy to use; and
  • Can be established for a rapid return on investment.

To find out more contact colin.sales@3cconsultants  and quote #D365ForHousing to get a free Data Quality audit on a sample of data (available for the first 5 customers who get in contact) and a free“Best practice guide to ‘Data Quality Management’” written by Mark and his team at InfoBoss.

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