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How do I use Microsoft accessibility features?

Accessibility is something we (quite rightly) focus on when designing applications for customers. But what can we do to make our colleagues feel even more included when they are handed a new application to use?

Thankfully Microsoft have a few tools built into Windows that will help colleagues use the whole Microsoft stack…Including Dynamics 365. Many of them sit in the Ease of Access area within the desktop.

Here’s how to access them

  • From your laptop/PC
  • Navigate to Settings > Ease of Access

Here’s what it can do

Ease of Access options can help make it easier to:

  • Use your PC without a display. Narrator lets you hear audio descriptions for elements on the screen, like text and buttons.
  • See what’s on the screen. Make the content on your screen bigger using Magnifier, or use high contrast mode.
  • Use your keyboard. Turn on Sticky Keys, Toggle Keys, Filter Keys, or the On-Screen Keyboard.
  • Use your mouse. Change the pointer size, or turn on Mouse Keys to use your keypad to move the mouse.

Watch this video to find out more!

Or this Microsoft Learn page to go deeper

Accessibility fundamentals – Training | Microsoft Learn

As we deploy new applications and functionality why not make the most of these free tools to help our colleagues. Many of whom will have challenges you won’t know about.

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