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7 Key Roles For Your CRM Project Team

You’ve identified everyone’s needs/wants and the strategy CRM will be driven by…it’s now time to create the dream team! This blog explores the key roles you’ll need to get your system up and running and tips on building your team.

So how do you get the ball rolling? First you’ll need to Identify who needs to be involved and what skills/experience you need at the table. Id suggest these roles as a minimum;

  1. Senior manager/sponsor – Reports back at a strategic level and has overall responsibility for the project.
  2. Project manager – Responsible for delivering the project
  3. People from the team who’ll use CRM – You’ll need them to advise on the process, test the system and train users.
  4. Someone from departments affected by the new way of working
  5. A critical friend – This could be someone not linked with the project but part of the company, someone you met researching CRM or someone who’ll bring some great challenges to the table. Their job is to understand the changes and then identify better ways of working.
  6. Supplier – They’ll provide support to get you off the ground and guide you through the process. However, it’s the PM’s job to keep the project focused.
  7. IT/Technology – Invite the key people in early; they’ll provide advice and guidance and will be key in the roll out of CRM.

The team should reflect how you’ll deliver CRM. If you’re rolling out a department at a time (something I’d suggest), you need to get people from that team involved. Provide cover for those colleagues so they can focus on the project.

Don’t forget to identify how touch points impact other teams/departments. It’s rare for one team to work in a silo. Consult everyone involved in the process or bring them into the main project team. Include them at go live or in a phase shortly after if they are a big part of what the initial team do. Involving ‘critical friends (colleagues not linked to the delivery of dynamics) will bring other view points and ways of working to the table making your CRM system stronger for it.

Here are a five golden rules for building a great team once you have them in place.

Want to find out how to get the best out of your new team? This bookThe Best Team Wins, The New Science of High Performance’ by Adrian Gostick, Chester Elton  may help, they studied more than 850,000 employee engagement surveys to develop their “Five Disciplines of Team Leaders”, explaining how to recognise and motivate different generations to enhance individual engagement; ways to promote healthy discord and spark innovation; and techniques to unify customer focus and build bridges across functions, cultures, and distance.

Hopefully this blog has given you a few things to consider before you put your team together. Spend time developing the team and you’ll be up and running with CRM before you know it. Now its over to you…

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