7 Tips for Planning a Dynamics 365 Deployment

I’ve written a few blogs around user adoption and how to engage users throughout the whole process (6 Ways to Form a CRM Habit; 13 Ways to Get CRM Buy in). But how do you plan your deployment during this process?

Here’s 7 things to help get the ball rolling:

  1. Migration: How much storage is required for the migration of your current CRM or another system? You’ll need to consider how to get the data into CRM
  2. Customisation: Analyse your business requirements, will you need to make changes to deliver what you need. As Dynamics 365 becomes an even better product you can do even more out of the box, this also makes life a little easier during upgrades
  3. Storage: How much will you need now and in the future. Is Dynamics the best place to store everything? for example using SharePoint to store documents can be much cheaper than storing them in Dynamics.
  4. Security: Plan levels of access to entities and other features
  5. How many instances will you need?: Will you have a Development, Test, Training and Live instance (Dynamics 365 Database). You’ll get two instances (Production & Sandbox) with your subscription
  6. Licences: How many licences will you need, which apps or plans are required?
  7. Single Sign on: Is integration between Office 365 and active directory to be used?

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