#D365ForHousing – Its been a brilliant first few months

FREE (to the Housing and Public Sector) Solutions added, 13 Organisations Subscribed and the opportunity to speak at the first Virtual D365UG -UK User Group Meeting. Here’s what’s happened since #D365ForHousing kicked off at the end of January 2020.

What is #D365ForHousing?

Its a great way for Housing Associations (and other public bodies) across the world to implement Dynamics 365 (One of the worlds best CRM systems). You set up the system and then download the FREE solutions I’ve created. Solutions are small packages of functionality that can be placed straight into your Dynamics 365 system (after testing etc). For example the Property solution holds the key information about the properties our customers live in. The solutions themselves are planned, created and tested by the sector so any housing association or public body can use them.

Sounds good, what are the benefits?

The Housing Sector does amazing things for some of the most vulnerable in our society. But we do things in a very similar way. By collaborating on #D365ForHousing we can achieve a huge number of benefits including…….

Who’s leading this?

Well, er..me. Although I’m getting support from a number of great people inside/outside the sector and across the globe. I’m proud to have worked in Social Housing for 20 years. The first 10 years were spent in customer service. From working in a contact centre to housing/tenancy management. 10 years ago I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to implement CRM 4 at AmicusHorizon (now Optivo) and caught the CRM bug.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (as its known now) has come a long way and housing associations have spent millions implementing it. On the other side of the scale are a large number of housing associations and public bodies unable to make the jump. The two main reasons are cost and lack of resource. To overcome these issues I set up #D365ForHousing . I’ll be using my own time and experience to create solutions that get organisations up and running.

So what’s been achieved so far??

Here’s some highlights since kicking things off at the end of January

Here’s a sneak preview of what Dynamics 365 would look like if you downloaded all the solutions available. But its not stopping there, next up Anti Social Behaviour.

Call to action!!

Hopefully the update on this Affordable. Innovative. Collaborative way of Delivering Dynamics has wet your appetite? If it has then it would be great if you could do three things to help keep up the momentum.

  1. Subscribe and download the solutions
  2. Spread the #D365ForHousing word
  3. Engage in creating these great solutions

Hot of the press!#D365ForHousing @ D365UGUK – London/Reading.

I was really lucky to be given the opportunity to speak at April’s D365UGUK – London/Reading‘s first virtual event. Thanks to Andrew Bibby and the team for the huge amount of organisation that goes into these events. Here are the slides I went through with (thankfully) a very engaged audience. Hopefully Its encouraged more organisation to join #D365ForHousing.

Need help? Here’s how I can support your Dynamics 365 journey:

  • Provide you with FREE Dynamics 365 modules that users love (Once you’ve registered) –#D365forhousing has already delivered several great modules (see above) including complaints, lettings and ASB
  • Support your implementation of Dynamics 365 – Deliver an application that’s adopted, delivers a return on your investment and doesn’t break the bank. My focus is Outcome, not Income.
  • Provide ongoing support – I’ve teamed up with a Microsoft partner to deliver a great service as your system grows.

If this sounds good, or you’re not sure where to start please get in touch.

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