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Dynamics 365 + Teams, a match made in heaven? #D365ForHousing

For the last year Microsoft Teams has become second nature to many of us. Its enabled us to connect with customers and colleagues everywhere. In this blog I’ll show how Teams can be used with Dynamics 365.

Dynamics sits quite nicely as an app within teams. It has some good functionality like being able to start a conversation (within teams) about a particular case/opportunity and can make the most of all the usual teams functionality like files, channels etc. Certainly useful if you had a few different departments collaborating on a particular record (eg a complaint/asb case). Its also sometimes just easier to stay in Teams while you navigate through your to do list.

How could this be used within housing and the #D365ForHousing Modules?

I think setting up a new channel within teams for every case would get messy, particularly if you needed some of the detail from the chat further down the line. However, for specific ASB/Complaints cases it would be a great tool to get instant feedback from different departments on a particular issue.

Why not use it for every case?

The files you add into the chat (and the chat itself) don’t automatically appear on the case within Dynamics. This means you run the risk of losing some important information that should have been added directly to the Dynamics record. However, Given the investment being made in Dynamics 365 and Teams integration I imagine this is something that Microsoft are working on…It would certainly sit nicely on the timeline.

Here’s a demo of the integration in action.

This also works well with the Microsoft Teams app on your mobile, very useful if you spend time off site. You can view/edit records from Dynamics before, during and after visits and use the teams chat functionality to ask quick questions or share files.

The integration is pretty easy to set up….here’s a guide to show you how:

Install and set up the Dynamics 365 app for Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

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