5 Ways Dynamics 365 Customer Insights helps meet the new tenant satisfaction measures

In 2020, the UK government published The charter for social housing residents – social housing white paper, which sets out ways to improve things for people living in social housing. Some of these are for the Regulator of Social Housing to do. Their document Reshaping consumer regulation: our principles and approach describes the steps they are taking. One of those steps is bringing in a set of tenant satisfaction measures. These measures should:

  • Let tenants see how well their landlord is doing
  • Give the regulator an idea of which landlords might need to improve things for their tenants.

Many of these measures will pull data from surveys completed in house (or another supplier). But what if we had access to real time customer sentiment surfaced in Dynamics 365 (or anywhere else in the PowerPlatform eg: PowerBi)? Thats where Dynamics 365 Customer Insights comes in. While the regulator looks at historical feedback you would be in a position to be proactive and support customers quickly….preventing complaints/ASB and increasing satisfaction.

What is D365 customer insights?

Customer insights gathers data from a large variety of sources (not just your data but lots of others eg: Experian) and then uses AI to sift through it and provide a single view of the customer allowing follow up actions as a result of the customers contact and provide a personalised service. Here’s a great demo from Lisa Crosbie

How can it help?

  1. You can segment customers in a variety of ways using your rules eg: no of customers who made a complaint after their repair was completed
  2. Enables you to spot trends and patterns – Is there a certain contractor who is receiving more praise than others.
  3. Helps predict customer intent – once you’ve set up your models. There are some out the box more sales type models but you can bring in your own.
  4. Data can be enriched using a variety of sources eg: Dynamics data, websites, social media, Experian. This could enable you to identify customers who are unhappy with you on social media but yet to make contact. Prevention is better than cure in this instance.
  5. Data can be surfaced in a variety of ways including using PowerBi, or within the customers contact record in dynamics 365 using the relationship assistant. This could empower decision makers but also help front line teams deal with enquiries.


  • Data, its everywhere and would need to be managed correctly before anything like this is implemented. This blog I did with 3C may help you with that.
  • The AI models need to be set up. While more become available you would probably need some support to get you going
  • Cost – it may be a stretch for some associations but that would need to be weighed up against the time taken to deal with complaints and the current cost of completing surveys.


I’ve mentioned before that I’m far from a licencing expert, but the detail here may help you.


Tenant Satisfaction Measures – Consultation Paper

Microsoft Dynamics – Customer insights

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