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Have no fear repairs are here – #D365ForHousing

I have to start with a confession, this is probably the most simple module there is. But that doesn’t mean its not useful. It’ll certainly hold key elements of your responsive repair like:

  • Job type
  • Contractor
  • Estimated cost
  • All the customer contact around the repair

Here’s what it looks like in action:

But to get the most from it I’d suggest integration with your housing management system, and if possible, your scheduling system.

Viewing legacy repairs

You could certainly add all your legacy cases into Dynamics but it may be more cost effective to create a view of closed repairs so that you are up to date when discussing an issue with a customer.

Integrate D365 with Portals, Contractor system

Big news!

With this module in place, anyone in the public sector now has access to FREE base modules for all the key processes used to manage customer homes

  • Repairs
  • Arrears Management
  • Complaints
  • ASB

As well as a

  • Property module to hold key detail about your asset
  • Customer
  • Tenancy

Simply sign in/sign up and they’re yours. Great for those on a smaller budget or keen to do more in house but still want to deliver a brilliant service

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