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Address validation

Ok, not the most crowd-pleasing subject but address validation is so important (particularly in our sector) and something that helps you manage this critical data.  

Having a piece of validation software in place enables:  

  • Accurate data at the point of input
  • Consistent data – address lines completed automatically 
  • A reduction in problems downstream caused by poor data (e.g.: reporting, integration with other systems) 

What is address validation 

Its a method to check that the addresses you collect and have stored in your database are valid, accurate and exist by referencing authoritative data sources such as Royal Mail, USPS (Experian website) 

Ideal Postcodes have a few products, address finder, postcode look up etc (that you can try on the website) that make finding addresses easy, pulling across data in a consistent way.  

UK and Global Address Verification – Ideal Postcodes ( 

How does it integrate with D365? 

The integration results in a simple user experience, as you start type typing an address the software searches for the whole address (we’ve all done a similar thing when we do online shopping and add our delivery address) and then populates the rest of the fields within Dynamics. 

The only query I have is if this also integrates with Microsoft Dataverse so addresses typed anywhere in the PowerPlatform can be validated. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Address Validation | Documentation | Ideal Postcodes ( 

How much does it cost? 

Ideal Postcodes Pricing ( 

Of course, this is just one piece of the data puzzle. Read the blog I did with 3C and InfoBoss to find out more – The Data Maturity Roadmap – #D365ForHousing ( 

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