5 Minutes To Get The Power (App)

In this blog I'll show you how even a non techie like me can get a PowerApp up and running within a few minutes. The plan is to create an app that: Allows me to view contact data in Dynamics 365Edit the data using the appReturn the changes back into Dynamics 365 PowerApps are brilliant. … Continue reading 5 Minutes To Get The Power (App)


6 Ways To Help Form a CRM Habit

“Does CRM have functionality that enables it to become a habit for users?” Lack of user adoption has killed many an implementation. More than a decade and a half of research on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems has churned out consistently troubling failure rates for CRM implementations. Since Gartner’s 2001 study found a 50% CRM … Continue reading 6 Ways To Help Form a CRM Habit

5 Top CRM Training Tips

You've designed a user friendly interface, automated as many processes as possible, tested the system to destruction and told everyone its on its way. Now its time to train the users. Here's 5 tips to help you deliver your session. The culture of using CRM Using CRM is different to your standard system where you … Continue reading 5 Top CRM Training Tips

7 Key Roles For Your CRM Project Team

You've identified everyone's needs/wants and the strategy CRM will be driven by...it’s now time to create the dream team! This blog explores the key roles you'll need to get your system up and running and tips on building your team. So how do you get the ball rolling? First you'll need to Identify who needs … Continue reading 7 Key Roles For Your CRM Project Team

11 Tips for delivering CRM to a team

A few tips for working with a team to deliver CRM Sit with them: Get a deep understanding of how they work and what they expect from CRM. This could be via process mapping or shadowing. Identify what they need to report: This will help show CRM has been a success Identify any improvements to … Continue reading 11 Tips for delivering CRM to a team