Dynamics 365 for housing, Why not?

I really enjoyed this years Housing Technology conference, but I was surprised by the number of housing associations who still haven’t started or question starting their crm journey. Part of this is obviously down to cost but a large portion also appears to be down to a lack of understanding about where to start.

But what if housing associations in the UK and other countries joined forces to create some core D365/Business solutions that could be shared among each other for free or at a very low cost? This could enable both large and small housing associations to deliver a great customer service, access data (to help drive innovation) and reduce the cost of implementation……freeing up money to build quality, affordable, homes.

The Office 365 eco system, which includes Dynamics, is growing all the time (see below). But the potential for our sector is massive. So lets get together and see what we can achieve.

To get the ball rolling I decided to set myself a challenge. Id use Dynamics to build proof of concept that could be used to manage tenancies, properties, repairs and income. Associations manage a lot more processes but these are probably the key ones.

As part of my challenge I only used out of the box functionality across all applications (because I’m not a developer and its important to stay as close to out of the box as possible). I won’t talk about integration with legacy systems, however there are plenty of knowledgeable partners who can do it for you.

I’ll walk through each item below in detail, but if you’d like to see an overview of how the system could work then click on the video at the bottom of this page. Otherwise click on the link that appeals to you.

This isn’t the only way to structure the system, it would be great to hear about how others have done it. Lets get the conversation going so we deliver a base solution that’s cost effective, enables us to continuously improve and deliver a great customer/colleague experience.

CALL TO ACTION: Get involved and be part of the team, join my Dynamics 365 & Business Apps for Social Housing LinkedIn Group. Its open to fellow housing professionals from any country. Lets create standards and solutions that can be shared among housing associations both large and small.

Need help? Here’s how I can support your Dynamics 365 journey:

  • Provide you with FREE Dynamics 365 modules that users love (Once you’ve registered) –#D365forhousing has already delivered several great modules (see above) including complaints, lettings and ASB
  • Support your implementation of Dynamics 365 – Deliver an application that’s adopted, delivers a return on your investment and doesn’t break the bank. My focus is Outcome, not Income.
  • Provide ongoing support – I’ve teamed up with a Microsoft partner to deliver a great service as your system grows.

If this sounds good, or you’re not sure where to start please get in touch.

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