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#D365ForHousing – Its not all about Tech

I’m on a mission to bring together people and processes from across the Housing and Public sector and package them up in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for FREE!  #D365ForHousing is the Affordable.Innovative.Collaborative way of doing just that!

I’ve already worked with a variety of housing professionals to create a number of modules including..

  • Person
  • Property
  • Tenancy
  • ASB
  • Complaints

While these modules get you up and running quickly there is still one key element you MUST consider…people!

More than just great Tech!

These modules are brilliant, but worth nothing if no one uses them. Using a CRM system can be a very different experience for a colleague who’s used to putting war and peace into a notes box. They’ll need to

  • Understand and categorise the contact
  • Log how the contact came in
  • Decide whether the query can be resolved/know who to send it on to if it can’t

All this while navigating around a new system and taking on a lot of information from the customer.

Over the last few years I’ve written a number of blogs on how you can make life easier for the project team and your users. I’ve picked a few of the key ones below. It would be great to get your thoughts/opinions…

#D365ForHousing – How to get up and running with the FREE solutions

I’ve put together this short blog to show you how to make the most of the solutions I’ve created. First you’ll need to set up a 30 day trail of Dynamics 365 before downloading the FREE #D365ForHosuing solutions (once you’ve registered on the website). As always it would be great to hear if there’s a…

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In this blog ill walk you through process maps. Why you need them and things to consider. Process mapping might sound boring…but by understanding how your current processes work, you’ll identify improvements and the work required to move it into CRM. There are hundreds of websites and books which go into detail about process/customer journey…

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Call to action!!

Want to know more about #D365ForHousing, Visit to join the Affordable. Innovative. Collaborative way of Delivering Dynamics. Don’t forget to..

  1. Subscribe and download the solutions
  2. Spread the #D365ForHousing word
  3. Engage in creating these great modules

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